Black ghost knife fish diet

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Tropical freshwater. The most interesting aspect of the Knifefish is that they use electricity constantly, producing electric fields that help them navigate and communicate, as well as to find their preferred food.

Petshops ofcourse. Water parameters: I personally bargain shop on ebay and have had pretty good luck finding cheap but brand name parts, I'm in the same boat with you.

The Aquarium should be decorated with a lot of narrow hiding places among rotes, rocks and plants. This is a fascinating fish for the larger aquarium.

Where ever you find them to be less of an eye sore, as long as your filter isn't strong enough to suck him up which I doubt it is anywhere is fine You can also find some cheap black ghost knife fish diet easy to care for live plants.

Behavior Edit They are nocturnal and usually cruise during the twilight hours. I had a fresh water tank for years and actually just filled up my tank for salt water last night, when it comes to filters and everything else it depends more on personal opinin than anything, live rock is also a really good filtration for your system.

They are jumpers, so the lid should be black ghost knife fish diet tightly closed. Apteronotus feeds on larvae of various insects and fish juveniles. I have had luck with plants from petco in the past. The brown ghost knife needs a diet rich in live and frozen foods such as live black worms and ghost shrimp as well as frozen blood worms SF and mysis shrimp SF Clown Knife Fish - Chitala ornata Species name: Tank Setup: In the wild black ghost knifefish can grow up to 50 cm 20 in long, in a tank it is up to 40 cm 16 in.

Until the fry have hatched after an incubation period of about one week, it is common for the male clown knife fish to guard and protect the fragile eggs.

However do not let this put you off!! Like many similar fishes Apteronotus is timid and hesitant, especially when put in a new tank. Best answer: Depending on the size of the tank you should wait at least a month to make sure the water is properly filtered.

You would need a very sensitive meter to detect the weak field the fish generates. Like most fishes with a broad distribution, it is quite tolerant of various water chemistries. You can have the heat light on whatever side you prefer I would just make sure his waterbowl is on the opposite side as the heat.

Canister filter, protein skimmerwhite marine sandairator air stonesheater, water conditioner, saltwave makers a lot like a power head as far as test kits go I have the saltwater master test kit which is pretty much all you would need for a fish only tank.

Unfortunately, this fish is usually sold as a baby, and many people buy one without having a tank large enough for the adult.

Only fully grown specimens will breed. Diet This carnivorous fish is an aggressive hunter of smaller fish, insects, shellfish and crustaceans.

Crayfish are notorious for fighting with each other, sometimes up to the extent of losing their claws and if you put crayfish of different sizes, usually the smaller ones get bullied and become malnourished and stay that way the same with that size.

Black ghost knife fish won't eat?

Crayfish are normally added to the tank when they are small but once they reach a certain maturity size, they are best taken out and put in a solitary confinement with one crayfish per tank or in groups with only your pet being the single species. However, a large aquarium is a must for this sizable fish.

The clown knife fish's back almost appears like a hump above its small head, which looks like an indentation about its eyes.Black Ghost Knife - my fav fish in my tank *skunk*:) hes 7 inches now Black Ghost Knifefish at PetSmart.

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A one of a kind species that makes a great centre piece addition to your aquarium. 4 to 6 inches The Black Ghost Knifefish is an unusual freshwater aquarium fish that originates from South America near the Amazonian Basin.

It belongs to the Ghost Knife Fish family and is capable of both producing and sensing electric signals in the water.

Black Ghost Knifefish

All Black Ghost Knifefish have two white bands around their tail. The Black Ghost Knife is a very distinctive fish and can generally not be mistaken for another species of Knifefish.

The Black Ghost Knife is a very distinctive fish and can generally not be mistaken for another species of Knifefish.


Clown Knife Fish for sale at Free Shipping on Orders over $ Phone us at: Recommended Diet When young, say less than 10 inches long, feed them live Black Worms, live guppies, live and frozen brine shrimp, and live Ghost Shrimp.

Later as they grow bigger feed them live fish. We guarantee quality, convenience, and satisfaction in each transaction for each client, or we'll do what it takes to make it right.

Black ghost knife fish diet
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